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Healthcare Facilities

-Primary Care Offices

-Urgent Care Offices

-Dentist & Orthodontist Offices

-Dialysis or Specialty Care Offices

-Holistic Care Offices

-Medical Facilities of any kind


Execuclean Indiana  is a Trusted and Experienced provider of professional cleaning services for the healthcare industry.  We recognize the importance of providing the highest quality service, yet tailor those services to your specific needs.  We are fully-trained and ready to provide your medical care facility with thorough nightly cleanings to enhance and promote the overall health and appearance of your location.  Now, more than ever, a thorough nightly cleaning, focusing on high touch-point surfaces is crucial.  We utilize a complete arsenal of hospital-grade, EPA-approved products to help prevent the spread of germs and finish each cleaning with a thorough walkthrough to ensure all points have been completed.  You can worry less and feel confident that, with Execuclean Indiana on your team, you are  your helping your patients and staff leave the sick days behind.   

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