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General Office Buildings
​Creating the FIRST Impression YOU Want to Make

When your clients and customers walk through the door, do you want them focused on the dust in the lobby and the streaks on the front glass- or on the service or product you are there to sell them?  It only takes about 30 seconds upon  entering your facility for a customer or client to form their impression of your business.  Cleanliness and overall appearance are a huge part of this 1st impression.  Being willing to invest in the maintenance and consistent cleaning of your facility with Execuclean Indiana will send the message you want to send.


WORK should not be a dirty word!  Did you know that, the average workplace desk can be 100x less hygenic than your kitchen table and 400x germier than the average toilet seat!  No wonder sick days taken are on the rise.  At Execuclean Indiana, our staff uses hospital-grade disinfectants and EPA approved cleaners to reduce the spread of germs across personal and shared work areas. 

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